Europe Visa For Indian

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Europe Visa for Indian

Europe Visa For Indians

Indians touring Europe is growing every year and is projected to grow around 15 million by 2020. For every Indian, visiting Europe is daydream goal as most of us get inclined towards the amazing locations in Europe. We get partial by the majesty of our Bollywood movies. European visa is of a special kind as it is a permit to enter more than 25 European countries. There are Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) in almost all metro cities.
Before you decide to visit any of the European country, there are many inquiries you need to go through. However, remember the advantages of Europe visa for Indian – it will allow you to move around in almost all the European countries.


Top countries to apply visa in Europe

Among all the countries, Germany is recommended and considered to be the best and easiest country to apply. For Germany, visitors from Indian don’t have to even go through the Questions round at German Embassy.
On the other hand, there are countries like France and Belgium where you will need to provide many additional documents along with the valid Bio metric copies.


Requirements of Europe Visa for Indians


  • Application form for European visa
    Please do fill the Application form for European visa with the correct information and keep a copy with you. This will be for your reference while visiting the Embassy office.


  • Passport
    It is obligatory that your Passport should not be expiring in next 3 months from the visa applying date. Your Passport should at least have couple of blank pages. Any expired Passport will also need to be submitted with the application form. In case of minors, it is obligatory for the parents to submit the signed copies of their Passports.


  • Covering letter of the candidate
    Applicant needs to submit a letter clearing up the intention of the trip to any country. They need to mention clear details about the entire schedule of their trip. List down the documents you are producing in the Embassy. You can always find the sample cover letters for your reference over the internet.


  • Medical cover
    This is one of the requirements that needs to be kept in mind. You can always look for a reasonable insurance over many websites.


  • Flight ticket
    You don’t need to purchase a flight ticket as it might incur lose if your visa is refused for any reason. Book your ticket once you get a confirmation of visa approval. You can always submit the Flight schedule or route you are planning along with your application.


  • Bank statements (Original only)



Visa for European Countries


You can also try VISA of European countries mentioned below

Austria Lithuania
Denmark Netherlands
France Portugal
Hungary Spain
Latvia Liechtenstein
Malta Czech Republic
Poland Finland
Slovenia Greece
Switzerland Italy
Belgium Luxembourg
Estonia Norway
Germany Slovakia
Iceland Sweden


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