South Africa Visa For Indian


South Africa Visa For Indian

South Africa is a situated at the southern tip of Africa. It is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Lesotho. It is a large and beautiful country.

South African culture is most certainly famous for its art, music, and dance and there is no other country like South Africa for vacation. In South Africa, nature has worked a special magic.

Rain, wind, and sun have incised vistas of unsurpassed beauty. South Africa has all of the features such as excellent cuisine, modern accommodations, great beaches, superb weather and best scenery for vacations.

South Africa is a multiethnic country including a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. South Africa contains some of the oldest archaeological and human fossil sites in the world. There are Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) in almost all metro cities.

South Africa has large skill shortfalls in certain areas and needs to attract ‘foreigners’ to meet these shortfalls.
Before you decide to visit any of the South African countries, there are many inquiries you need to go through. However, remember the advantages of South Africa visa for Indian – it will allow you to move around in almost all the South African countries.

Procedure To Apply Visa for South Africa from India

South Africa Immigration has provided a guideline to many thousands of visitors wishing to immigrate to South Africa. There are a number of options available for individuals who wish to visit South Africa whether for tourism purpose, in search of employment or to lead a better life.

To apply for a visa for South Africa from India, there are simple procedures involved:

Download the necessary documents from the South African immigration website.

You can book a flight and accommodation [in case you don’t have a sponsor in South Africa]

Cover letter and supporting documents which include your purpose of visit to South Africa, your living expenses etc

Apply for a visa either by courier or you can submit through visa agencies that are South Africa Visa expert.

Documents required for South Africa Tourist Visa from India

Holiday Visa

  • Passport (valid for a minimum period of three months) and 1 old passport if applicable plus one copy of the first and last page of the current passport.
  • Fully completed visa application form – should be filled and signed by black pen only and block letters.
  • Proof of hotel booking, (verifiable) stating the name, passport number of applicant(s) and duration of visit, physical address, as well as contact details of the hotel as well as authorized signature name, designation, and signature;
  • Confirmed onward/inward air ticket.
  • Original private bank account statement showing the turnover during the last 6 months, duly stamped and signed by the bank.
  • Income Tax Returns for last 3 years.
  • Marriage certificate, where applicable (for verification purpose application needs to carry the original marriage certificate at the time of submission o0f VFS center)
  • Covering letter address to – To, Visa officer, Consulate General of South Africa, Mumbai’.
  • Student Id/Bonafide – if the student.
  • Pension order/retire proof – if retired.
  • Other Cash investments like FD, PPF, Shares, Bonds, Policies, property papers


Important Note

There are a number of ways to start your South Africa Visa immigration process particularly if you look for VISA for South Africa from India. The easiest and best way is to ensure that your papers and documents are filled properly. Find out which immigration category you would like to apply for.
Fill our immigration Free Online Assessment form to ensure you are eligible to immigrate to Canada
Follow the above steps your immigration adviser will send you after completing your assessment form

Processing Time of South Africa

The processing time of South Africa is usually 5 working days to three weeks.
The visa processing time is usually 20 to 30 working days.

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