Most of the students have dream to study their higher education in foreign country.
US, UK is the hub of quality of higher education. But you must have a student visa to pursue your study in foreign countries. Student visa is for those students who want to pursue their regular studies in foreign countries. Before applying for visa be make sure that all student visa applicants are required to be accepted by their school.

Applying for a student visa for study can be a long process. There are many steps to apply a student visa. For example
Apply to an SEVP-approved institution
Pay the SEVIS fee
Complete a student visa application
Pay the visa application fee
Attend a student visa interview.

There are three types of student visa
F1 Visa
Academic Studies

J1 Visa
Practical Training

M1 Visa
Non-Academic /
Vocational Studies

The duration of the student visa would be as per the duration of the course to be pursued.

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