Must Visit Tourist Places In India

In this article you will learn about Must Visit Tourist Places In India. India being the land of diversities, there are so many places that are must to visit before you close your eyes. There is so much to see around be stricken with wonder and natural beauty.

Let’s look into some of the top places that you must include in your travel diary.


1. Lakshadweep

The island known the blue water, coral reefs and sandy beaches and numerous different villages, Lakshadweep is one of the best places to visit in India.

Boating, sea diving, and different fishermen culture and a variety tradition followed there, the trip will be warm and memorable forever in your heart.


2. Munnar


It is Known to be the best hill station in the most southern part of India, Munnar is one of the coolest places to visit in the summers.

The green places covered with mist all the time, plantations and estates, trekking in the highest peaks and temperature that even falls to negative digits, this will make a good memory for you to cherish forever.



3. Meghalaya

The eastern part of India people often forget about is the cradle of nature with all full of scenic beauty.

Meghalaya is one of the best places to visit having high hill stations, rich streams, and waterfalls, how could one afford to miss this wonderful place that has another variety culture.


4. Goa


The smallest state in India, where the youth live their lives once they visit the place, Goa is a must visit the place that follows the Anglo-Indian culture even after the British left the land.

With plenty of beaches, churches, food, parties, sunburn festival and liquor the place is packed with fun and innumerable memories.


5. The Thar Desert

When most of the places are covered in green hills, snowcapped mountains and blue waters, the western part of India have the most beautiful and the opposite landscape of all: the great Indian dessert.

It is one of the most outstanding places which will make your trip colorful like the Rajasthani culture itself.

Enjoy your trip with camel safari and night stays in the colorful state of India.


6. Ladakh


The best place to visit if you own the best ride to go on a road trip. Ladakh is always the most visited place tourist destination in India.

With your family and friends, this is the best place for a getaway when you plan a trip.


7. Manali

The place covered in snow becomes a dream for people in India to visit at least once in a life with your peers.

This is the best place if you wish to go for trekking and camping. Manali will never disappoint you make you have a longing again to visit the place.


8. Chadar


Frozen River Trek: The frozen lake visit will be your life’s most wonder-stricken trip that you would have.

The long Trekking through the Zanskar frozen river that you would have only imagined in your head will make your heart pound louder and happier with excitement.


9. Taj Mahal

The place that holds the history of India. The place that will surely make you feel proud to have one of the seven wonders of the world.

The place stands for the symbol of love and eternity, Taj Mahal thus becomes the best place to visit and enjoy with your dear people.




Famous for having sister city all around the world including Busan in Korea, Shanghai in China, Saint Petersburg in Russia and Los Angeles in the USA and many more.

The place is packed with malls and city culture with a nightlife that will take you to the totally different world.


These are some of the breathtaking places that should definitely be included in your travel list. Go around your country and have wonderful memories and experiences.